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CSA (Canadian Stuntmen’s Association) is a group of highly trained forward thinking Stunt Coordinators, Performers, Fight Choreographers and 2nd Unit Directors. Each member has been hand picked for their overall ability and specific area of action expertise. 

With over 40 years of experience in the motion picture and entertainment industry, CSA members have provided the ultimate in stunt action to some of Hollywood’s top grossing films and popular television programming. The CSA Stunt group has extensive international experience and are ready to service productions anywhere in the world. We at CSA are dedicated to providing innovative and creative new ideas that will enhance the action of any project. We specialize in creating and designing stunt pre-visualization concepts for film, television, commercials, video games, music videos and web-based content. Available every step of the way, CSA offers services and assistance from Pre-production to Post-production. 

We continue to believe that great action sequences aren’t just about the stunts. Our goal is to create stunt sequences that drive the story and maintain the sincerity of the project. As professional stunt specialists, we take ACTION seriously! We want to help raise the appeal factor in your project by creating thrilling, high energy, mind blowing stunts that deliver an overall movie magic experience for your viewers. It doesn’t matter if its car rolls, high falls, fire burns or fight sequences, CSA is your one stop shop to get it done right. Allow us to service your project and you will not be disappointed.

When you think Stunts… think CSA Stunts!

some of the movies CSA Stunts members have performed in:


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